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Decide On A New Look For the Day!

Unable to decide what to wear today? Experiment with your outfit by using our decision maker tool tofinalise your outfit for the day. From casual to formal, find a new outfit to break away from your regular style!

How do you decide what to wear everyday?

People's approaches to choosing their daily outfits vary widely, from meticulous planning to spontaneous decisions based on mood or convenience.

  • Some individuals have a set outfit they wear each day, such as black jeans, a black denim jacket, black work boots, and a polo of a specific color depending on the day of the week.

  • Others base their decision on factors like cleanliness, comfort, and the weather.

  • Some plan their outfits in advance, organizing them for the entire workweek or selecting clothes based on activities and weather forecasts.

  • There are those who choose clothes based on their mood or the need for contrast from the previous day's outfit.

  • A few individuals simplify their wardrobe by sticking to a limited color palette or a specific style, making it easier to decide what to wear.

  • Some use apps or algorithms to help them select the optimal outfit for the day based on various factors like weather and activities.

  • Others simply pick clothes at random or go with whatever is easiest or most convenient at the moment.

What are some new outfits I could experiment with for a regular work week?

To experiment with new outfits for a regular work week, you can draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Color Coordination: Mix and match different colors to create fresh combinations. For example, pair a bold-colored blouse with neutral trousers or vice versa. Experimenting with color can add vibrancy and personality to your outfits.

  • Texture Play: Incorporate different textures into your outfits for added visual interest. Consider pairing a silky blouse with a structured blazer or layering a chunky knit sweater over a tailored dress. Mixing textures can elevate your look and make it more dynamic.

  • Print Mixing: Don't be afraid to mix different prints and patterns for a statement-making ensemble. Pair a striped shirt with a floral skirt or mix polka dots with plaid for a playful yet sophisticated look. Just make sure to balance the scale and colors of the prints for a harmonious outfit.

  • Statement Pieces: Invest in a few statement pieces that can anchor your outfits. This could be a bold blazer, a statement necklace, or a patterned pair of trousers. Let these pieces take center stage by pairing them with more understated basics.

  • Accessorize Creatively: Pay attention to accessories like belts, scarves, and jewelry, as they can instantly elevate your outfit. Experiment with different accessories to add personality and flair to your look. Consider layering delicate necklaces, stacking bracelets, or cinching your waist with a statement belt.

  • Casual Chic: Embrace the concept of "casual chic" by mixing casual and dressy pieces. For example, pair tailored trousers with a casual graphic tee or dress down a structured blazer with denim jeans. This effortless yet polished style can be perfect for a relaxed work environment.

  • Play with Proportions: Experiment with proportions by mixing oversized and fitted pieces. Pair a voluminous blouse with slim-fitting trousers or balance wide-leg pants with a fitted top. Playing with proportions can create visually interesting silhouettes and add a modern twist to your outfits.

  • Dress for Your Mood: Consider how you're feeling each day and let your outfit reflect your mood. Whether you're feeling bold and adventurous or laid-back and relaxed, choose clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Your personal style is a reflection of who you are, so embrace it and have fun experimenting with new looks!

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