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Cope with Being Anxious

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Try Tools to Reduce Feeling Anxious

Card 16

Box Breathing

Slow down your breadth and gain back control

Card 14

Color the Sky

Distract your mind with this digital coloring sheet

Card 11

To Do List

List down 3 simple tasks that you can complete

Card 7

Engage Your Mind Quiz

Distract your mind from the cause of anxiety

Friendly Reminder: The online activities and tools provided here are designed to offer momentary release of intense emotions. While these resources can uplift your spirits and promote well-being, it's essential to understand that they are not a substitute for professional assistance or therapy. If you're grappling with profound loneliness or facing challenges with your mental health, please know that seeking help is a courageous step!

Consider connecting with a qualified mental health professional or counselor who can offer personalized care and guidance tailored to your needs.You are not alone in this experience, and assistance is readily available whenever you may need it. Remember, support and understanding are always within reach.