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21-Days Color Me Challenge

Get a new pattern to color in your email every day, and bring it to life with colors of your choice. 🌟

  • Collect Small Wins: Each day you complete the coloring task, celebrate a small victory!
  • Boost Creativity: Unleash your imagination and explore different color combinations.
  • Mindful Moments: Enjoy a few minutes of mindfulness, relieving stress and promoting well-being.

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What You Get
  • 21 Interactive Online Coloring Sheets: 🎨 Dive into a variety of engaging designs.
  • Download and Save: : πŸ’Ύ Keep your creations on your PC or mobile device.
  • Lifetime Access to Color-Me-Challenge Dashboard: 🌟 Enjoy unlimited access to your personalized dashboard.
  • Receive New Designs Daily for 21 Days: πŸ“© Get fresh inspiration delivered straight to your inbox every day.
  • 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee: πŸ’° Shop worry-free with our satisfaction guarantee.
Is this Challenge for you?
If you're feeling stressed out in life, no matter what's causing it or how intense it is, this challenge may help you out.

Stress isn't just something that messes with your head in the moment, it can actually do some serious long-term damage to your mind.
Chronic stress not only impairs our brain functions whilst we are stressed, it does lasting damage to our brain, as it kills braincells in our hippocampus. this means that, even if we’re not stressed anymore, the damage will still be there.

But hey, here's the good news: there's plenty we can do about it, and that's what the 'Color-Me-Challenge' is all about.

The Science behind the Challenge:

While the research on coloring and stress relief is still evolving, there are studies that shed light on its effectiveness:

Anxiety Reduction A study published in the journal Art Therapy compared anxiety levels in participants who engaged in coloring activities versus those who didn't. The results showed that individuals who colored experienced significant reductions in anxiety levels compared to the control group.

Mood Enhancement Research published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association focused on the effects of coloring intricate designs often used in mindfulness practices. The study found that coloring led to decreased anxiety levels and increased positive mood in participants.

Cortisol Reduction While not specifically focused on coloring, research in the field of art therapy has indicated that engaging in artistic activities can lead to decreases in cortisol levels. Since coloring is a form of artistic expression, it's plausible that it may have similar stress-reducing effects.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Although there may not be direct studies linking coloring to mindfulness-based stress reduction, the principles of mindfulness – focusing on the present moment, non-judgmentally engaging in an activity – are inherent in coloring practices. Many individuals report feeling more relaxed and centered after a coloring session, echoing the effects of mindfulness practices.

While more research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms and long-term effects of coloring on stress relief, these studies provide promising insights into its potential benefits. Plus, the countless personal anecdotes of people finding solace and relaxation in coloring reinforce its value as a simple yet effective stress management tool.

Manage stress, before it manages you
πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Helps you stay present and relax.
🌿 Lowers cortisol levels, easing anxiety.
🎨 Shifts focus away from stressors.
πŸ† Completing pages boosts mood.
πŸ–ŒοΈ Helps process emotions and trauma.

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody interested in short, daily activities for stress-relief.
  • Anybody with a keen interest in human behavior.

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